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Onamission Beehive Valve Springs, Retainers and Seats

Onamission Beehive Valve Springs, Retainers and Seats

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K20/K24 Valve Springs and Retainers Springs

A set of 16 Springs Retainers and Seats

• Steel nitrided Springs gives strength and endurance for demanding applications

• Beehive conical shape reduces valvetrain weight at high rpm

• Spring rate is 14.2 lbs per mm

• Max lift cams that can be used is 15.5mm at a 40mm install

• Seat force 86lbs

Retainers and Seats

• 1mm retainers perfect for fitting to a standard head

• Nitride coated to add strength

• Hardened tool Steel construction

• Half the weight of standard Retainers and seats

• Made and designed in the UK.

for use with the later 6 degree valve locks

Steel construction ensures a very strong hard wearing component that can take the toll of the high rev limits that the k20/k24 platform can produce. With a wear rate vastly superior to alloy and titanium.They have been ran and raced in k series cars that are making over 300hp NA with great success.

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