Our Cars

We are just as enthusiastic about these cars as our customers.
Our current personal cars.
Honda Integra DC5
Lots of JDM goodies on this car sourced over the years we have owned it. Imported in 2019 and being the only UK owner currently mapped to 258hp could be a very capable track car but it will never see one outside of a parade lap.
Honda Civic EG K-swap
K24 Running ITBs and a stand alone ecu. mapped to 269hp built for purpose and will be on some track days soon if we get time! 
Honda Civic EP3
EP3 Rally Car mapped to 257hp with a 5.8 final drive this thing takes off very well. built with a goal in mind from the outset. performed brilliantly in its shakedown - looking to enter a few single venue tarmac stage rallies with the aim of competing in the 3 Shires if we dont bend it!
Honda Integra DC5 Project 
When you dont want to take your pretty DC5 on track you have to build another. this will be running a high comp clockwise engine mated to a set of Jenveys BIG ITBs. Aiming to get it finished by the end of the year (we wont!)
Mk2 Escort K24 Project
Parts are amassing RWD K24 fun soon....