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K20 Rocker Covers

K20 Rocker Covers

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Vapour blasted and ready to paint K20/k24 rocker covers with a removable baffle.

Many refurbed rockers have killed k series engines due to media getting stuck behind the baffle. These will remedy that.
Comes with all hardware to install the plate into the rocker cover after you have had it painted in whatever colour you desire.
After the old baffle is removed the rocker covers are put on into a CNC machine to flat the mounting surface. Drilled and then tapped.
The Brand New plate is also machined from Billet Alloy and then anodised.
To install the baffle you need a small amount of Loctite 603 or Loctite 648 on the supplied bolts. Also run a small bead of honda bond around the machined face inside the rocker. Once fitted if you want to have the rocker repainted in the future you will have to heat the bolts up to remove them.

painted rockers now available. please email or message us the colour you want. any multi stage paint eg Midnight Purple will he extra. get in touch and we can get you a quote. 

£75 Surchage will be refunded upon return of your old rocker cover. making the true cost £200 unpainted or £350 ready to fit painted and baffle fitted.
2/3 week lead time on painted rockers
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