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Honed K series Block

Honed K series Block

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Bore Size

K20 honed to 86.25mm, 86.5mm 87mm or 87.5mm

K24 Blocks honed to 87.5mm

Blocks are cleaned and Machined . Sunnen multi stage hone makes sure you get the correct bore geometry every time. once the process is complete everything is checked with Renishaw probes,, Aberlink coordinate measuring machines and Mitutoyo Tools to ensure the blocks are done to the highest standard before shipping to the customer.


SURCHARGE - If you send us back a serviceable old block we can refund you £150. please ensure there is no damage to the threads or deck of the block and girdle, upon inspection we will refund you. Any blocks sent back that aren't up to standard will be returned if requested and the postage for them paid to us.

if demand is there we will also start z4 spec blocks

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